Customer Support Agent

Role: Customer Support Agent, reporting to Customer Support Lead

Your role is to assist and maintain customer relations for Sokowatch. You are tasked with following up on active orders for the Sokowatch same day delivery brand promised. You are also responsible for timely valid feedback on order deliveries, cancellations and rebooking, where relevant.

Our Vision

Dominate the duka market across Africa by being their #1 partner for all goods and services by 2021. Sokowatch will provide everything a duka needs, no wholesalers or distributors necessary.

Your Mission in our Vision

Your mission is to develop a first-class customer support and management center by proactively problem-solving customers’ needs and challenges.

Locations: Tanzania

Reporting into

Customer Support Agent

Key Responsibilities

  • Keep up with order delivery data.
  • Infer from up-to-date Customer Service feedback channels for pending delivery leads.
  • Make follow-up communication to the Sokowatch Customer and relevant Logistics team for pending orders.
  • Update feedback channels to Logistics teams and relevant order delivery data platforms.
  • Other relevant responsibilities as assigned.

Key Relationships

  • Warehouse branch management, Warehouse Logistics management, Delivery Agents, Sales Teams, Customer Service teams
  • Active Sokowatch Customers

Key skills and competencies

  • Ability to work efficiently and independently in a fast-paced sales environment
  • Effective teamwork abilities
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong sense of patience to follow through problem resolution